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Sweater fra Fuza Woll of Denmark. Farve Coal- Alp . Favorit: Lækker trøje af merinould der ikke kradser til både damer og herrer. God pris i forhold til den gode kvalitet, flot mønster.

Sweater fra Fuza Woll of Denmark. Farve Coal- Alp . Favorit: Lækker trøje af merinould der ikke kradser til både damer og herrer. God pris i forhold til den gode kvalitet, flot mønster.

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This danish designed traditional Scandinavian sweater is handmade under fair conditions in Nepal from pure super soft New Zealand merino wool. Non itchy.


FuzaWool is a Danish brand founded by Jesper Toft who had a vision to develop unique quality knitwear clothing in 100% wool materials under fair conditions.

It all started from journeys to mainly Asia but also other places in the world which created the inspiration for east to meet west. FuzaWool’s focus lies in 100% pure wool knitwear and old school retro designs with a Scandinavian touch and look. It’s very important for the people behind the brand that everything is produced under fair conditions and by people who take pride in their handicraft.

FuzaWool is also involved in donation projects to help the orphans and street kids in Nepal where there’s production taking place. We donate part of the profits to orphan organizations in Nepal so they can help these left behind kids roaming around alone starving in rural villages have a proper home in Kathmandu and go to school.


The FuzaWool products are handmade from 100% natural sheep wool from New Zealand in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The wool naturally contains lanolin which makes it water resistant and gives it a natural self cleaning effect. The best solution for cleaning our wool products is to just simply hang them outside to air which starts the natural self cleaning process and the wool will keep clean like that for quite a while depending on how much it’s being used. When needed it can be given in for dry cleaning, hand washed or washed in machine on wool program, see detailed instructions below. Any slight variation or irregularity in size and fit or the knitting should be embraced as part of the handicrafted individual character of the FuzaWool products.

Lanolin: It’s the animal fat that the sheep wool naturally contains, this fat keeps rain and snow away from the body of the sheep, that’s why sheep can stay out on the field and keep warm in any weather all day long, their wool gets wet but only on the surface, it doesn’t go through and the wool actually becomes warmer when wet. The “Lanolin” also has a natural self cleaning process that takes place when the sheep is outside. The wool still has these “Lanolin” effects when we use it for our jackets and accessories so that’s why it works to hang the product outside to air as explained above.

If you wish to wash your FuzaWool product then follow these instructions:

Option 1
Handwash in cold water using only lanolin wool soap, dry flat in towels to suck out the water and air dry the product after that. Do not hang the product up to dry when soaking wet, then it will stretch out of shape.

Option 2
Wash in machine on gentle wool program using only lanolin wool soap, spin out water in the machine and then dry flat in towels to suck out the last water before air drying the product.

Wash this product as rare as possible and hang the product out to air instead as much as possible as wool has the natural lanolin self cleaning effect and therefore doesn’t need washing very often.

If normal soap and or hot water is used when washing this product it will be destroyed!